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Please take time to see what's new and exciting at the London and District Cage Bird Assoc.This site is dedicated to the health, housing, and welfare of all avians.  It is updated monthly

If you are a member or just a curious visitor please enjoy our site and help us to make it your favourite internet stop when searching for any info on your companion bird or breeder flock.

Over the past year, the London and District Cage Bird Association has experienced an increase in membership. There are now 50 members. In order to build a strong organization capable of producing quality events and programmes we need to further strengthen our membership. Many people share an interest in aviculture, companion birds or the conservation of birds in the wild. If we all make an effort to invite someone to join the LDCBA, we can build a stronger organization with greater value and pleasure to all. If you haven’t already renewed your membership, please do so today.









From the members
Membership is $25 cad for individual or family

Membership includes monthly newsletter .
$1 lunch/snacks at meetings, and a monthly raffle table

Members may purchase rings here







birds for sale by members

Gouldian Finches ( 2 red head green back males ) $70 each

                               ( 1 orange head yellow back male) $100

                               ( 2 orange head yellow back hens) $100 each

                               ( 1 black head green back hen)  $85

                               All 6 gouldians for $400.00 ( pick up only)

                             6 euro bengalese ( brown) $25 each

Please e-mail Ron at  ron@ladygouldinfinch-ca.com ( Acton)


Nest boxes for Owl Finches. Presently making nesting boxes for finches, budgies, parakeets, love birds, cockatiels, conures, lorries, lorikeets, large parakeets, ringnecks, rosellas, macaws.
I can also build hospital quarters, shipping containers, carrying cases, moisturizers, and feeders. All are built for security, durability using 3/4 inch pine for its’ insulating value. I will also build using your sample or drawing. I have a small shop where I enjoy keeping busy. My prices are reasonable.
Contact: Jim Symons, 11 Winding Way Cres., London, Ontario, N6G3E8
Home: 519-471-6412. E-mail: aviaryboxes@gmail.com


Birds Wanted

One pair of Green Kakariki
Contact: James Boucher, Chatham
Send information to E-mail: aviaryboxes@gmail.com

Wanted & For Sale
Looking for 1 pair of Rosellas and 1 female Rosella.
Willing to trade for 2 pairs of Parrotlets. 2 White American, 2 Blue Fallow male & female Blue Fallow split. Or willing to sell for $200. per pair.
Contact: Barb Bradley, Wallaceburg, ON
Tel: 519-437-2160
E-mail: barb_44@live.ca

Male Bourke’s Parakeet. I would prefer Wild Type.
Contact: Paul Stevens
Telephone: 519-461-0348
E-mail: paul.stevens@usask.ca